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After reading this book, there seems to be only one feeling left in my heart, and that is warmth.��Introduction When I first opened this book, I did n��t really look forward to it Online Cigarettes, because I thought it was only a family book, except for my parents �� Alas, what else can there be? But then, I quickly rejected my naive thoughts. In the little-saved Fu Cong's family letter, I can see his growth. From a stage performer who was disturbed and emotional, he was promoted to a flamboyant musician, and turned into a talented artist. Finally, he became a living Valuable people. During this process, we witnessed and realized, just like Fu Cong ��s parents taught him the credo; ��Be the first person, second the artist, then the musician, and finally the pianist.�� He did it, and through his countless efforts I did it, didn't I? In fact, in this book, each family book has a profound philosophy worth remembering Cigarettes Online, so I do n��t want to miss any paragraph, and I do n��t want to look overwhelmed. After thinking, I decided Let's share a few paragraphs that are more impressive to me. As we all know, as a translator, a father, a gardener, Fu Lei has always adhered to his principles: learning first, art first, truth first. This principle also infected his two children. Yes, in terms of learning, we can see that Fu Lei still insisted on translating books when he was in poor health in his later years, and was able to recommend excellent books to his children to improve their literary accomplishment. This made me appreciate my father's good intentions. In terms of art, it can be seen from his family books that he has his own unique views on art. When Fu Cong went abroad, he discussed the history of Chinese poetry with them. Their father and son worshiped Li Bai together. At the same time, the idea of ??"Qionglou Yuyu, the heights are extremely cold" was put forward. They also love pastoral poetry, thinking that its free and natural simplicity can make people calm and comfortable. After all, appreciation of poetry focuses on the spirit. As a father who cares for his son, he told Fu Cong more than once to go for a walk in nature. I have also said, "People need to jump over their own cage from time to time to have new feelings and ideas, and to have correct self-criticism." Having such a deep understanding of art has greatly shocked me Marlboro Gold. In truth In terms of it, I can only use four words to describe it: eternal. Maybe my focus is different. I hope to see him from the perspective of my father and friends. In this way, I have passed "the pursuit of our lives, the pursuit of many generations of people in history, is nothing but perfect, but will never be pursued, because people's ideals, fantasy, endless, so perfect like the moon in the water, the flower in the mirror , Always hopeful. ��This passage seemed to give me a head start and made me sober. Yeah, many people are pursuing perfection, but does it really exist? Even the most beautiful works of art have flaws, let alone us. Faced with all the difficulties in life, as long as we firmly believe that this is only a test, then when we cross this barrier, we will become stronger and unbeatable. Then we will not care about the perfect emptiness, but only focus on the happiness of life and the meaning of life! The meaning of life does not lie in who wins or loses, but in personal tolerance and abandonment, giving up the struggle in exchange for spiritual peace and quiet, the so-called happiness, the so-called bliss. In this book full of affection, I realized the preciousness of affection, friendship and love. Art is timeless, even if it is imperfect, but it is because of its imperfection that we can tolerate and support each other This is the world of mankind, and the homeland of mankind is here. I pay tribute to all your parents in the world for your hard work and hard work!
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